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Weight Management

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Our personalized weight loss programs are scientifically based and developed by a team of health professionals, including medical doctors, dieticians and Physiotherapist.

Not only do clients get expert one-on-one advice on nutrition, weight loss and health, but they’re also encouraged to incorporate exercise – based on their level and preference – into their weight loss program. A vast variety of recipes help fuel client success as well, all of which perfectly balanced according to nutrient ratios.

In Addition to that, we have the inch loss machines which helps in increasing the muscle mass and toning the body, Body shaping, Deep Heat Therapy and vaccum Therapy , they all help you to achieve your target.

We suggest exercises based upon the flexibility and strength of the muscles and not just any exercise to lose weight. We do not believe in group therapy exercise programs which put unneccesary pressure over the joints and sometimes lead to injury.

We believe in personalised exercise therapy approach and that's why our programs are popular among those who are overweight and have some joint pain or musculoskeletal pain issues.

The primary goal of our Weight Loss program is to ensure our clients find a successful path that will lead them towards lasting weight loss, and achieving a lifetime of good health and fitness in the process.

PHYSIOWAY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - (Through lifestyle Management or LSM )

Weekly Personalized Diet Plans:- Based upon your metabolism or calorie needs, likes and dislikes and preferred meal times.

Weekly Focused Exercise Plans:- Exercise plan which are designed by physiotherapist based upon your MMT and flexibility test results. The plans which will help you not only in shedding extra pounds but will improve the muscle strength and flexibility and keep you fit.


Weekly Inch Loss Exercise Plans:- Exercise plans designed by physiotherapist to increase the muscle mass. Includes:

  • Free Exercises and with weights
  • Gym Ball Exercises

Inch loss Modalities Sessions (12 -15 per month):-

  • Deep Heat Therapy
  • Vaccum Therapy
  • Toning/ Body Firming

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