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Sports Injuries

best sports physiotherapist on DLF Phase 4,5 Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Sports injuries mostly occur during athletic activities or overdoing exercises. Most common injuries are muscle or ligaments sprain or strain. Sprains are the injuries to ligaments (tough bands connects bones in a joint). Strains occur to the muscle fibres or tendons (anchors muscle to bone)


  • Tendon injuries,
  • Wrist injuries,
  • Golfers elbow,
  • Tennis elbow,
  • Rotator cuff tear,
  • Shoulder dislocations,
  • Hamstring injuries,
  • Meniscus tear,
  • ACL tear,
  • PCL tear,
  • Knee sprains,
  • Knee injury,
  • Running injuries,
  • Shin splints etc.
best sports physiotherapist in DLF Phase 4,5, sushant lok, gurgaon

Our physiotherapists here helps to focus and discuss on your issues. Based on that, a thorough examination and physical assessment is done. It includes Range of motion test, Muscle power testing and few special tests if required. The treatment plan is followed based on short term goals and long term goals.

Our aim at Physioway is to help you heal with the injury and restore the function of the joint and make you overall fit to start your activity again with full strength and endurance.

Best Sports Physiotherapist in Sushant Lok,DLF Phase 4,5, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon



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